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a bunch of questions about my virgin mobile broadband2go


a bunch of questions about my virgin mobile broadband2go

Hey everyone! I have a bunch of questions. I'd be really thankful if someone could please answer them.


First of all I'm using Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go. I've been using it for my Windows 7 for 6 years. I've had the same plan all along. It's the $50 unlimited 3G data plan. I did a little research and found out this plan is referred to as a grandfather plan since it was discontinued many years ago.


I had a pretty bad experience on the phone with Virgin Mobile the other day. The problem is I waited until the day after my plan expired to restart it. That was a big mistake! When I tried to restart the plan, a message came up on my Account that said "Processing error". Okay this happens sometimes- no big deal. It just means a phone call to restart the plan. However when I went back to my Account page, it no longer listed my $50 plan and said Bridge Plan. Does anyone know what a Bridge Plan is? I've never heard of that before!


On the phone the guy couldn't see my $50 plan since it mysterious vanished on my Account. This led to him trying to encourage me to buy one of the newer plans, but the thing is I need unlimited data for work and entertainment so I was persistent in not switching to another plan. This is the only internet I have in my house. I don't have cable, FIOS or anything else available in my small Amish town. Unlimited is mandatory.


Anyway, after several hours, the guy at Virgin Mobile was able to save my $50 plan and I'm *very* thankful for that. I just have a bunch of questions.


Is this grandfather plan in danger of going away? How much longer do you think it'll exist? Virgin Mobile says as long as I don't switch plans I'll be able to keep it but how long do you think this $50 plan will be around?


Do you think it's better to restart my plan the day before it expires instead of waiting a day after it expires? Because if I wait until after it expires, there's a 50/50 shot that restarting the plan will go smoothly. Granted, that phone conversation isn't my usual experience. Usually, if I'm unable to restart the plan myself on the Account page, it only takes 5 minutes for Virgin Mobile to restart it, but I'm worried given the difficult time I had on the phone trying to keep this grandfather plan that Virgin Mobile's in the process of getting rid of it for good. I hope not! Can anyone ease my worries?


I notice unlimited plans for broadband devices aren't available anymore. The best plan seems to be $55 for 6 gigs of high speed, but unfortunately it's limited. I assume this means getting kicked offline when I use up those 6 gigs. Can someone explain why unlimited plans for broadband aren't around anymore? I can guess and say Virgin Mobile shifted their focus to smartphones hence the reason smartphone users have unlimited plan options. Also smartphone users get 23 gigs of high speed a month, and I only get 2.5 gigs with broadband. Is it fair to say Virgin Mobile doesn't focus their business on computers/desktops anymore?


I'm using a 3G/4G u600 device. I noticed a message on one of these web pages that says a 2G Network Closure is going to happen on August 1st. Does this affect my device in any way? Thanks again to anyone who can answer all these questions, haha.


Re: a bunch of questions about my virgin mobile broadband2go

yes your plan is grandfather so u are best to renew the day before so u dont risk losing it 


yes virgin has gone away from the broadband2go most people now use smartphones with hotspots to connect 


yes the new plan after 6 gb u are done and u also would need a new mobile broadband2go device since your only support 3g/the old 4gwimax network they now use lte for 4g


your device only pick up 3g singal since sprint no longer support 4g wimax or 2g come aug 1st


Re: a bunch of questions about my virgin mobile broadband2go

there option for unlimited hotspot but none in the 50 dollar range just saying them days are long gone