Hello Everyone,

             I have a stylo 2 running on nougat and this problem has been ongoing for about 2 months.   I been hoping that it would fix itself but so far nothing and problem is still continuing.

     In group chat (MMS) there is one participant that I can never receive his (MMS) everyone else in group can receive his MMS but I never receive it.   He and everyone else can see my (MMS) but for some reason when he sends an MMS,  everyone in the group can see it but not me, I never receive it.   If he sends me a text, one to one (SMS)  I do receive it but for some reason his (MMS) does not come in to me.

             He is on the TMOBILE network and he has tried everything on his end including a hard reset.   I also have tried everything that I can think of, including a hard reset on my Stylo 2 to restore phone to factory defaults but the problem still exists.


   Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?