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Incoming and Outbound calls not working

Whiz Kid

Incoming and Outbound calls not working

I have and iPhone 7, have been with virginUSA for roughly 8 months. Today my phone has not been able to receive inbound calls, it will ring once or twice and then go to voicemail. When calling it says “calling” without starting the call and will not ring. My data and text messages still work completely fine. I have restarted my phone roughly 3 times and soft reset it twice. I turned airplane mode on and off multiple times, turned off cellular connection multiple times, turned off LTE so only 3G was available. When I do the ##7... can’t remember the numbers nothing shows up. I checked for software updates, none are available. I have job interviews coming up and it has put me in a predicament with not being able to receive phone calls from employers. If nothing that is replied here helps I’m going to run up to a phone store tomorrow and have them remove my SIM card and put it back in and see if that fixes anything.

Re: Incoming and Outbound calls not working

Hey there, wdraves17. Let's do some investigating. Do you have signal bars? Does it show 3G, 4G, or LTE data connection? The ##72786# is an android only programming code.