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Network unavailable phone not allowed

Whiz Kid

Network unavailable phone not allowed

After requesting to have my phone unlocked and being assured that it was, I switched carriers and after having a few days of service with the new carrier, my phone could no longer receive service. I was told that my phone was blocked by virgin once more and that it was reported lost or stolen even though I NEVER reported it. I have been in contact with virgin 4 times to fix the issue. Can you please tell me the status of my phone, is it still blocked and reported stolen? My phone still cannot receive service and under Network it reads: Not available. Phone not allowed.
It does not make sense to me as to why my phone would be reported stolen and blocked again, my phone has been paid in full, I do not owe virgin anything and I was told my phone was unlocked by virgin and completely released in the first place.

Re: Network unavailable phone not allowed

Hi there, Sadatvirgin. Thanks for contacting us. We're sorry for the inconvenience with the phone. 


We'd like to have a look at the account. Please, send us a private message with the phone number and PIN.