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Samsung Galaxy A6 Roaming

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Samsung Galaxy A6 Roaming

I switched from a Galaxy J7 Perx to a Galaxy A6 last Wednesday and ever since Sunday (when I upgraded to the newest Android version), my phone has CONSTANTLY been dropping into Roaming. Switching the phone to Airplane Mode does NOT help. Changing the Network mode does NOT help. Resetting the network parameters (##72786#) only helps for about 2 hours. I am INFURIATED. I spent almost $300 on a NEW phone that should work. My J7 NEVER went into roaming unless I was in an area with no coverage. I live in a relatively large city and should never lose service. I use my phone for work and cannot make important calls. FIX THIS PROBLEM.


Re: Samsung Galaxy A6 Roaming

No need to worry, kirstin816! We’ve got you. This is a device related issue. In this case we recommend you to contact the brand maker to see if there is a work around on this matter 1-888-987-4357.