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Sim card


Sim card

I had to get a new SIM card because I kept losing service, getting a new SIM card was recommended by the person I talked to. They told me once I got my SIM card to email back the ICCID number so I did. I got no response so I emailed again still nothing. I went through the contact option on the website and said I’d been having issues and needed to activate my SIM card. This person said according to her I was getting service fine. I emailed back and I lose service a lot but sometimes have it and needed to activate my SIM card. I still got no response. I sent another message through the website voicing my frustration and sent my SIM card number, still no response. This is getting ridiculous. I just need to activate my SIM card. I lose service several times a week for hours at a time and I’m getting angry no one is helping me what so ever.

Re: Sim card

Hi, Hellosunshine84. Please send us a private message with the account phone number, pin code, IMEI, and the SIM card number.