Still no resolution on signal dropping

Whiz Kid

Still no resolution on signal dropping

So not only at work, by at my house my phone signal will bounce from 4 bars, to 3g and no signal. I'm not even moving around. My phone just sits there so I can read, signal will not stay stable throughout the night.

I got some malarkey before from some rep saying we are looking into it, be patient, then I've heard nothing since. couple weeks now.

At this point I'm just about read to drop the company and switch to At&T. I've enjoyed the cheap deals on phones and low prices, but can't stand not having internet access when I work 12 hours shifts that involve a lot of sitting around waiting on calls.

What the hell is going on. How much longer do I have to wait while you are "investigating".

I don't want discounts, or some sort of compensation, I just want definitive answers and a timeline.


Re: Still no resolution on signal dropping

Sorry to hear about this. Can you send us a private message so we can look into it?