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Tower upgrade/ No service/ 12 months paid service to unlock paid in full IPhone and a long rant


Tower upgrade/ No service/ 12 months paid service to unlock paid in full IPhone and a long rant

   I have had no service for 7 days. Each time I call in they say they are working on it shouldn't be more than a couple hours, but we can't give you an exact timeline. The outage is due to a tower upgrade and common sense would dictate VM knows fairly accurately how long this will take and when VM/Sprint scheduled to do it. This being said, it would seem the VM business model is to apologize and offer a refund for any down time rather than let you know ahead of time that this process would be taking place. So, if my phone doesn't work for a month, they will say "we are sorry for your inconvenience" and offer me a 35$ refund. If the executives of this company or even the hourly employees of VM didn't have cell service for a week do you think an apology and 10$ would be an acceptable remedy for them? No empathy/sympathy whatsoever. I have been with Virgin for around 15 years and have mostly been satisfied with my service. The coverage has never been very good, but I am paying 35$ a month so I figure I am getting what I pay for.  Apparently my 10+ years means nothing to the company.


       To make matters worse I asked to have my paid in full iPhone unlocked from their network so I could take it with me and go find a working service elsewhere. Ahhhh not so fast!!! The customer service rep said a prerequisite for unlocking the phone is one year of paid service. I said well excuse me but a prerequisite for me to be a customer for 12 months is a working service. Again, I was offered apologies and no solution. If you do the math on even a 35$ account I would be paying double for the phone by the time I can use it elsewhere. This is fine with me for a working service but if the company gives you no timeline for an outage and no warning that it is coming (when they know exactly when it is coming) that is on them not me. Common sense and normal ethical procedure would dictate an Escalation system to bypass the prerequisite for an issue that is not the end users’ fault. Not VM though, they just continue to apologize and tell me it should be up in a short time. They know when it’s going to come back online if it ever does.  What kind of business would decide to disable service for an upgrade and not have a timeline for how long it would take.  RIDICULOUS!!!!

      So fair warning to satisfied Virgin Mobile customers out there – If VM plans to do a tower upgrade in your service area don’t expect a curtesy warning and from what I have seen prepare for a week to a month of no service. Oh, but on the bright side they will be happy to apologize as many times as you need and give you a pro-rated refund for your down time!! I know that will make it O.K.


      The most appalling part to me is that some number cruncher somewhere has decided they will lose less customers and make more money by doing the wrong thing. When did customer service become so unimportant to the American Business Model? I’m sure this is not what Sir Richard had in mind when he started the company, or is it?


Re: Tower upgrade/ No service/ 12 months paid service to unlock paid in full IPhone and a long rant

So sorry to hear about this experience, CD73. We want to help! So sorry to hear about this experience. We want to help! We value your privacy and security. Due to the nature of your concern, we would like to authenticate your account, but for us to do this in a secure way we need to take this to a private channel where we can discuss private account information. Please send us a private message along with your phone number, the PIN and a brief description of your request.