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missing text messages

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missing text messages

Can anyone help me?

Since I recieved my Alcatel Onetouch phone in September 2016 I have been missing texts for several days at a time. I contact customer service and we go through the whole routine of resetting the phone. We have tried everything. They connect me to technical support and they do something on their end and within 12 hours I start recieving texts again. They all come in at the same time. Theres nothing like being in bed sleeping and 25 texts come in at once. They all have the same date and time on them.

When I learn that I am not recieving text, I go through the whole process of resetting my phone before calling customer service hoping I can fix this on my own. No such luck.

When I go to device self service the phone goes through the process like it is starting up but then I get a message to activate my phone by calling 611. Does this mean that the phone has never been activated?


Can anyone please help me. I need my text messages. I get them from friends, companies and government agencies. Some issues that i am dealing with in my life are complicated and missing text messages could cost me from getting certain financial benefits.


Any suggestions?

Thank you.



Finally talked with someone in technical support (after being hung up on without customer service looking up my account status). Technical support told me that there was nothing wrong with their service, so it seemed to be the phone. Could not get a replacement phone because you can only have one per year (even if they send you a faulty phone). Since i recieved the phone in question September 2016 I had to wait until September or buy a phone. I purchased their flip phone for $20. I had a $2 credit on my account. They did not use my credit. Since the phones are basic phones with no internet access and you get so many minutes free and texting is free. You do not have to purchase data (since not a smart phone), there is no way to download music or ringtones. What do they expect me to do with the $2 credit (which was given to me when I complained about using someone elses tracfone minutes up in one of the previous calls)?

If i could afford a monthly bill then i would go back to Net10 $35 a month plan (unlimited phone, text and data).