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$1 inner circle not activated

Whiz Kid

$1 inner circle not activated

Hey all,

          First, thank you for your time.  I purchased an iphone from Virgin and checked my phone number to make sure it was eligible for the inner circle $1 promotion, but my account says I am signed up for a $35 a month plan.  Please help me to change my plan to the correct inner circle plan.

-Thank you for your help



Re: $1 inner circle not activated

I have a similar problem, but am showing a $50 per month plan. The first reponse I got from Virginmobile is that the iPhone 6 (one of the phones shown on the promotion page) wasn't eligible for the promotion. I am challenging that (another family member got the $1 promotion with the identical phone). I suspect they didn't code in the promotion for phones activated after the 28th (even if purchased beforehand). I hope this is corrected quickly.


Re: $1 inner circle not activated

Hey there, klpawl! Sorry to hear that. Definitely want to look into this for you. Please send us a private message so we may work directly with you.