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ASSURANCE WIRELESS - Can someone PLEASE help me?!

ASSURANCE WIRELESS - Can someone PLEASE help me?!

I have now wasted money on not one but TWO basic/feature/flip phones that don’t work with Assurance Wireless and I am STILL looking for a SIMPLE basic/feature/flip whatever you call it phone that will actually work with Assurance Wireless. It really shouldn’t be this hard to get a SIMPLE phone that will work with Assurance Wireless - not everyone knows how to use smart phones or even wants a smart phone. Assurance Wireless is a free service for low income and/or disabled people so using a BASIC phone with a FREE service should be allowed, right?! What is the issue?!

The first basic phone I bought was the Alcatel Go Flip and I bought it DIRECTLY FROM THE VIRGIN MOBILE STORE online. Since Assurance Wireless is part of Virgin Mobile I assumed that a Virgin Mobile phone would work with the Assurance Wireless service. I apparently was one of the last customers to even be able to purchase a basic phone from the Virgin Mobile online store because Virgin Mobile has now gone 100% iPhones and sells nothing else. Anyway once I received the phone I tried to activate it by typing in the IMEI/MEID or whatever number in my Assurance Wireless account only to get a message saying that it wasn’t a Assurance Wireless phone and wouldn’t work with the service. When I typed in the IMEI/MEID number it showed you how to find the number by showing you list a phones and it instructed you to find your type of phone and admittedly the Alcatel Go Flip wasn’t on the list - the only basic phones I could find on the list were the Alcatel OneTouch Retro and the Alcatel OneTouch SpeakEasy. I found an Alcatel OneTouch Retro on Ebay and bought it feeling pretty confident that it would work.

Fast forward to today when I finally received my Alcatel OneTouch Retro in the mail and again logged into my Assurance Wireless account to activate it. And AGAIN I got the same message - that it wasn’t an Assurance Wireless phone despite the fact that it WAS actually on the list of phones they showed. As I said in another post prior to all of this I searched Google over and over again attempting to find a list of basic phones that would work with Assurance Wireless and found NOTHING leading me to believe it was some kind of secret. An Agent did reply to that post saying that she could help me if I gave her my Asurance Wireless information. I’ve had my identity stolen before so naturally I was hesitant and asked why couldn’t they just TELL me what basic phones work with Assurance Wireless? Why is it so SECRET?

Another Agent replied to me with a link to an Assurance Wireless FAQ section that I had already read. It listed the Alcatel OneTouch SpeakEasy phone as the ONLY basic phone that would work with Assurance Wireless and the agent told me I could get it through the Virgin Mobile online store except that’s clearly not true because as I’ve already discovered the Virgin Mobile online store now sells EXCLUSIVELY iPHONES. I don’t want an iPhone - I’m unfamiliar with them and the’re also extremely EXPENSIVE - if I could afford an iPhone I wouldn’t be eligible for Assurance Wireless!!! Again I searched Google and Ebay looking for a way to buy the Alcatel OneTouch SpeakEasy and it’s seemingly not available anywhere - after awhile I did eventually find one on Ebay that was close to $100. Again I don’t have that kind of money!!! Even if I were to miraculously find an affordable Alcatel OneTouch SpeakEasy phone - after everything I’ve been through I have serious doubts that it will work anyway because so far Assurance Wireless has been absolutely horrible. If it wasn’t free I’d cancel the service but even so I will be telling EVERYONE that Assurance Wireless is terrible. Taking advantage of the disabled, elderly, and low income is a disgrace and they should be ashamed. Those are the people that need the most HELP! Absolutely shameful.

If there are any Agents out there who can ACTUALLY help me I would appreciate it. What I want SHOULD be simple: I literally JUST WANT A BASIC PHONE THAT WILL WORK WITH THE ASSURANCE WIRELESS SERVICE. How can that happen?! Please let me know if you know where I can buy an AFFORDABLE Alcatel OneTouch SpeakEasy assuming that is the only basic phone that will work with service. If there’s another basic phone model that you know of that will work with the service I’d be open to that as well but again it has to ACTUALLY WORK with Assurance Wireless. I’ve already wasted money TWICE and I’m not doing it again. SOMEBODY PLEASE ACTUALLY HELP ME!!! I know I probably sound angry in this post but I am EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED and just need some ACTUAL assistance. Thank you.


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Hello. Thank you for contacting us and we do apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact Assurance Wireless for assistance on this matter. You are able to contact them through their Facebook page. Victor21

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I'm in the same boat.  Looking for a basic phone for assurance free plan for my 84 yr old aunt.  Found this response in another thread.


  • Alcatel ONETOUCH Retro
    •Alcatel ONETOUCH Cinch
    •Coolpad Avail
    •Kyocera Event
    •Kyocera Contact
    •Samsung Montage
    •Samsung Galaxy Ring
    •ZTE AWE
    •ZTE Reef
    •ZTE Tempo
    •ZTE Quest

When buying from ebay or amazon, make sure it is not tied to a sprint or other wireless account

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I share your frustration. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has actually received one of the replacement phones that Assurance promises to provide when the Alcatel Cinch or whatever cheap phone they gave you craps out. My Assurance account is my only phone service. After using the Alcatel Cinch phone, the warranty for which, according to Assurance "Customer Care" has expired, for more than a year, and occasionally depleting my 500 free minutes and having to purchase additional minutes, the cheap battery in the cheap phone now lasts for about an hour of talk time rather than the "up to 4 hours" that it is supposed to provide. I contacted "Customer Care" a month ago, hoping to find out how to get either a new battery or phone, either one of which I would be happy to pay for assuming the phone/battery is as cheap as it looks. I think some other Lifeline providers charge $20 or whatever the cheap phones are worth rather than what appears to be a "free" phone marketing scam employed by Assurance.


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Hello Sheldon. We would like to verify this further. Are you still experiencing the issue with the phone? Victor21


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   Hi, Hello & Aloha!
I noticed the term Assurance Wireless being used, I did a little bit of research on the Internet and found that you have more than Assurance Wireless as an option. I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of these options...

Other than Assurance Wireless, resources and options that are alternative : 

Access Wireless 

Bluejay Wireless

EnTouch Wireless

Life Wireless

Q Link Wireless

Here is an Example of what discounts are available with a service called California Lifeline

The next step is super easy, go ahead and go into and search for Free Lifeline Wireless and the 
area in which you reside, for me I typed in  Free Lifeline Wireless Sacramento, it was super simple to find any alternatives than Assurance, and I highly reccommend that everyone take a look at available options to maeke the best decision for you or your loved one/s.




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Re: ASSURANCE WIRELESS - Can someone PLEASE help me?!

Hello Victor21,

As you requested, I am confirming the battery in my Assurance-provided Alcatel Cinch is worn out.  It now lasts for about an hour of talk time rather than the "up to 4 hours" that it is supposed to provide.  I am also confirming I have spent nearly month writing and phoning multiple times, including this one, trying to get the phone/battery replaced.


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Thank you for the information. Please contact Assurance Wireless at 1-888-898-4888 for further assistance. Fonsy82

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What's your address? I will mail you a new basic assurance phone I never used. For god sake ,assurance tells you something different everytime you call them

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I used to be with safelink for years with the basic phone but when an Assurance Wireless rep offered to sign me up and get me a smartphone I switched. It was easy to terminate the safelink account when with a few clicks after returning home.