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Accepting collect calls

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Accepting collect calls

How do I accept collect calls

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I may be wrong as I am not Customer Service, (just someone who wants to try to help) but as I have come to know, collect calls do not work with pre-paid services. However,,,,


A great way around this is to utilize a service such as or  but this changes for every  state and I am only making a generalization example , I don' tknow your situation or what state you are in, but there are options, ALSo food for thought,   I have also heard of people setting up Google Voice Numbers and using Virtual Forwarding, but I have no idea how that would work because collect calls require payment..

Also, I found this article on steps to take to allow collect calls from an FCI.


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Re: Accepting collect calls

Hi Barbara!


Eddie Starr is right about how non contract services don't include the ability to receive collect calls. Virgin Mobile is a No-Contract service that charges you for your cellular airtime - we do not provide a service to assess and bill you for additional fees and charges generated from collect calls. We hope this information helps.