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Can't make or recieve calls


Can't make or recieve calls

Ive been having this issue as well for well over a month now it started off as spotty service then no service now it's stuck on searching and it has been for the last week I've missed multiple important work calls one of which almost cost me my job, I need this fixed immediately I don't care if it's a system update that needs to be done or a new phone sent to me but if this isn't taken care of I'll be forced to switch carriers as I need a reliable service. If it's something I'm paying for I shouldn't have to be without it for so long, as well as almost cost me my job.

Re: Can't make or recieve calls

Hi there, MrMosburg! So sorry to hear about this experience. We want to help! Please send a Private Message with your phone number, address and PIN to check what's going on.