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Cancel my service!

Whiz Kid

Cancel my service!

CANCEL MY SERVICE! Do not tell me to call again. I spent 20 minutes on the phone with "Inner Circle Philippines" and then I was hung up on after repeatedly being told that you cannot cancel my service.  My phone number has successfully been ported to Verizon regardless of what your system is telling you and it's no surprise that you have misinformation. Virgin is the worst cell service provider ever- your support/customer service is equally as horrific.  I would have no problem getting a brand new phone # just to get off your network (but conveniently was told I couldn't do that either- even though this isn't even necessary).  Verizon requested my phone # to be ported back over on July 13th (keep in mind this was a Verizon phone # to begin with when I regretfully ported over to Virgin) and when you finally unlocked my phone on 07.26.17 I was automatically activated on the Verizon network.  My phone and phone # is currently registered as being Verizon (as of yersterday) so AGAIN you're wrong to tell me that I'll lose my # and it's still processing. I literally just got off the phone with Verizon customer service to confirm this (even though when I first called you I TOLD YOU THAT WAS THE CASE but you insisted I call Verizon to confirm and call #2, 20 mins later you STILL won't cancel my service). Not surprisingly, I also received a number of text messages  immediately upon reactivation of Verizon that were days old because Virgin's service is so terrible that I didn't receive them while on Virgin. Additionally, non-iphone users got a "# disconnected message" when they called me while on Virgin Mobile.  I will be seeking representation and/or reporting fraudulent charges to my bank if you continue to refuse to cancel my service (yes, over the whopping .08/month auto-pay for inner circle just because of your fraudulent practices). I have never written a post of this nature in my life. Please be warned and recognize all the anomolies and contradicting information on Virgin's sites. Understand that they have no reps in the USA and if you call CS they will keep you on the phone for hours transferrring you around to hear another person read the same non-helpful, not applicable script. STAY AWAY FROM Virgin Mobile!


Re: Cancel my service!

Hello, needtogo. Thank you for reaching out to us. It is our pleasure to assist you. We apologize for the terrible situation that you've experienced. So, summarizing, you ported out successfully your number to Verizon, but VMU account is still active; and you want it to be cancelled because you have auto pay? If that's the case, please send us a Private Message with the number and PIN, so we can take a look at your account, and help you. Thank you.