Do not go with Virgin!!!


Do not go with Virgin!!!

I've had so many problems with Virgin. Recently, my Android LCD cracked literally 9 minutes after pying my prepaid account. I'm too poor to afford any cheapest device. But I have an iPhone 6s that's blacklisted. Virgin wouldn't even track down the original owner of the device or tell me who blacklisted it. i bought it from someone who stole it and I tried my best to track that main owner but couldn't find ANYTHING. I contacted my local police department and they told me they couldn't do anything, because how the seller reported my device 3 months later. Now I just have a SIM card that has a very good plan but no device for me to use. I always had a problem when my data says i ran out, even I used literal 19 mb of data, and i have the 2GB data plan. Then they fixed that a month later. Then 2 days later, it happens. It keeps on repeating over and over, and i've been contacting Bell and Virgin so many times 


Re: Do not go with Virgin!!!

Hey there! We're truly sorry for the inconvenience. In our efforts to reduce phone theft, we can only activate a phone that's been reported as lost or stolen if the new user can verify the phone's last known account.