Virgin Mobile

Eat a **bleep** cookie Virgin Mobile


Eat a **bleep** cookie Virgin Mobile

The absolute WORST customer service I've ever encountered. From reps who aren't trained to those who don't answer questions, virgin has them all. I was on the fence but after waiting almost a week and still no answer from them, I've decided to not give anymore money to this company. I urge anybody considering service here, don't do it. I regret staying for as long as I have. (Almost 10 years).
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Re: Eat a **bleep** cookie Virgin Mobile

I feel your pain and stress; it's like losing important life waiting on their support staff to acknowledge their customers. I emailed support 3 day's ago with the response they would contact me shortly and have yet to receive a response. There have been previous support emails now more than 1-month-old with the same generic support response and not replies.  You'll find that Facebook Messenger is the best way to contact VM since as you've found phoning VM is futile. Recently tried to get my activation date since a locked VM phone can't be unlocked for porting to a new carrier until 1 year after activation. FB Messenger got me to someone but then they wanted to talk by phone with the tree numbers I gave them including the VM number on my account and was told they could not reach me. Mind you I had no missed calls or voice mails from VM; to exacerbate the matter I was requested to contact email support since VM admitted my number was not working and they could not reach me on the SPRINT NETWORK. These two reasons are why I want to move off the network since it is HORRID in my area and VM support admitted it doesn't work.  It's ridiculous for any world wide company to give their customers such piss poor customer service! I have two phones, one for work and one for personal; the business phone is on VM and personal I've switched to US Mobile. Customer Service and contact are NIGHT and DAY difference as well as the network coverage. Unfortunately, I feel because VM feels they charge such low prices $25 for 4 GB and unlimited talk/ text they can't afford the salaries of adequate support..... There are great service providers out there with comparable plans and costs; it pays to shop around.  The main reason to run from VM is in the subject line! The second is that VM does not give its customers their account numbers up front and their reason is for security? Strange that every other business account an adult can have which might include a home mortgage, checking, savings accounts, 401K, car loans, life insurance and household utility bills all come with an account number? It's not about security, it's about holding their customers hostage since an account number with your personal pin is the only way to port your number to another carrier; unfortunately, this can only be done after the afore mentioned 1 year has elapsed if the phone was bought from VM and VM will unlock that phone since other carriers cannot unlock a VM phone. The terrible predicament, horrid customer service, but cheap; all well and good until you need support for anything in your best interest. Can only imagine if a support request had anything to do with minor inquiries like how to pay, a response from customer service would be in a timely manner.