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Follow the neon red signs to the time of your life

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Follow the neon red signs to the time of your life

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I, for one, never like staying in hotels because I always feel like a, ya know, guest. It never feels like home and I usually can’t wait to leave. But I visited Virgin Hotels Chicago a couple weeks ago and while it was definitely wayyy too nice to remind this college-kid of home, I felt comfortable.


FullSizeRender.jpgMy first stop was the TwoZeroThree coffee and wine bar on the ground floor because I need at least three lattes a day to function. I felt cooler just sitting in the café while the trendy barista fixed up my drink and I listened to music coming from the record player in the corner.


After I grabbed my drink I took a couple minutes to explore and get a sense of the hotel.


While I didn’t come to the hotel for business, if I had there is plenty of space on the second and third floors to get work done! And if I needed to let loose after all those hypothetical meetings? I wouldn’t have to go far; just take the elevator up to the 26th floor where I found Cerise, the on-site rooftop lounge that has the vibe of a chic London loft.


tie wall.jpgAfter all the dancing you do up there you’ll definitely want to go back to the ground floor and grab a bite at Miss Ricky’s.


Named after our beloved Sir Richard Branson, who cuts ties in half and occasionally cross-dresses during media events, Miss Ricky’s is an upscale “diner” where you could enjoy a #QuickyWithRicky like a delicious order of golden brown chicken-n-waffles. (and don’t forget to post that insta-worthy meal with #DonateMyPlate).


I know after eating that I would be exhausted so I go my chamber and lay on a bed that is comfortable and by more than just hotel standards. How often could you say you’ve slept in a patented bed?


Remember that saying that claims you can only choose two of three; work, sleep, or party? Well, Virgin Hotels Chicago proved them wrong because I got all three AND I got to eat.


Tell us about your most exciting experience in the Windy City in the replies below, but let's not get too crazy. Smiley Wink

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Re: Follow the neon red signs to the time of your life

Chicago is one of my favorite cities! I love going in August for Lollapalooza Smiley Happy