HOW DO I GET VIRGIN TO DETACH MY PHONE? they won't give my owned phone back.

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HOW DO I GET VIRGIN TO DETACH MY PHONE? they won't give my owned phone back.

I bought a ZTE phone outright from Zact. One month later Zact was acquired by Virgin. Because Virgin assured me rates would not change, I migrated the account to Virgin (Virgin Custom). This proved to be an outright lie; all calls in my region are roaming, and roaming was charged at a very high rate (something like $60/hour). Naturally my response was to cancel the account. But apparently the account was not closed properly (in fact, the phone rep hung up on me) and now I am unable to use MY device with another service.

You are required by law to detach my self-owned phone from your service, yet you've repeatedly refused to do so.... or rather, the phone support people tell me that my number doesn't exist and that I have no account with Virgin. I was never given a PIN number and I cannot make an account on the Virgin Mobile site, because it claims my phone number is already in use with another account. Yet I just checked and guess what, my number is STILL listed as active and requires a PIN from Virgin to port, meaning it is still in your system.

Phone details are as follows:
number: [***personal info removed***]
MEID: A0000037B306FC
serial number: 24e225c7

I want my phone back under my control. I bought this phone outright. It is mine, it is not yours.

Don't tell me to call support. I've already done so three times, spent a total of six HOURS on hold and speaking with a rep who barely knows English, and each time got told my number doesn't exist and there is no record of my account. When I request escalation to a supervisor, I'm told this cannot be done (this is BS, I know how the call center industry works).


Re: HOW DO I GET VIRGIN TO DETACH MY PHONE? they won't give my owned phone back.

Hello .To unlock your device you would need to meet with some requirements. The person requesting the device to be unlock, must be a current or former customer or an individual owner who can provide the phone number and pin code for the account last associated with the device.
The device has not been reported as lost or stolen. The device has been activated at least 12 months and a payment was been made within the last 90 days of that 12-month activation. Victor21