I am fed up with Virgin Mobile.

Whiz Kid

I am fed up with Virgin Mobile.

All I want is my porting account number, but for some reason, the best way to give it to me is by trying to call me during work hours. I submitted a support ticket and got an email response saying this:

"Unfortunately, we do not have access to the account number information
on our system and is not available on your account online either.
However, we have escalated your request to an account specialist that
will contact you within the next 24 hours to assist you and provide you
with the information requested. If you require your account number in a
faster way you have the option to contact our live representatives to
complete this process."

I see no reason why I could not have been contacted with this information by email. I believe that Virgin Mobile is purposefully making this difficult for me, which is very childish of a large company. I have my new Verizon phone SITTING ON MY DESK, so trying to stop me from switching is pointless. Give me my account number, and for christ's sake make it easier for us all to get our account numbers. This is very childish of you and I will not be recommending Virgin Mobile to anyone in the future. 



I have gotten my account number after calling Virgin Mobile. For those wondering, you can get a live representative by calling VM, entering your number, then 4, 2, and 2 in the phone tree. I had to talk to 2 people before I got the number, and I was asked multiple questions about why I was leaving.

Whiz Kid

I am more that a little disapointed with Virgin Mobile.

I too have a situation I do not understand....  I am not technically minded and all I ask from a Phone is to make/receive calls and make/receive texts...   on a recent trip to Southern Ireland, and as I was travelling alone on a motorbike, two friends asked if I would text them each evening just to let them know I was OK.  Nice :).  So I went into a Virgin Mobile shop to speark to a human being....  advised them of my travel plans, they took some notes on the PC, and confirmed that I would be covered.  Great I thought...  in reality: no cover, unable to send messages, unable to call - no cover...  and now my account has come throught with a £24 charge for a service they would not provide.  WTF....  I am cross....  Friends were concerned when finally getting back to prort - several txts asking if I am ok....    I have now just spoken to a person via 789 number who informs me that I should have called in to get cover for out of UK...  I said I spoke to a Virgin Employee, in a Virgin Shop and was told that this is ok....  Why is it so difficult for people within the same organisation not to speak to one an other.  Left stranded would have been a problem for me - as it happened I was ok.....   are all providers so slack on their communication - which is ironic for a company providing communication....  Rant over - I will know next time.   Real shame Virgin - I have been with you for more than 10 years now...  this is so unessassary. 



Re: I am more that a little disapointed with Virgin Mobile.

Hello Sucarpenter.  Thank you for contacting us. Is your Virgin Mobile Account with Virgin Mobile USA or Virgin Mobile UK? Victor21