More information about $1 unlimited plan


More information about $1 unlimited plan

So i tried contacting VM through facebook and call but didnt manage to get to anyone so i'll ask here.|
im currently with sprint with an LG G3, i would like to switch to the $1 plan and i was wondering, does joining the inner circle means joining someone elses plan and then get that line for $1? or can i be a completly new costumer and get the $1 plan with oinly one line? when i clicked on more details for the plan it lists the inner circle plan as $50 not $1 also i am planing on buying a used iphone from VM since their prices are actually decent even compare to ebay at the moment and also probably unlocked since on the website it says that if i buy an iphone i can "take it to a less cool provider" which means unlocked or possible getting it unlocked.

also i live in ohio right now but moving to NC in exactly 7 days. if i happen to to activate the phone/sim before the time the promotion ends, will i still get the $1 plan? is it possbile the shipping will be quicker then 7 days?



Re: More information about $1 unlimited plan

Hi, @shayo!


You can join the Inner Circle and have a completely new line. We don't have family plans available, therefore, our plan is a single line plan. The $1 promo is still available, so if you purchase a phone during the promotional period, you can get the offer. Remember, you must port a number in. All devices that are purchased for Inner Circle can be unlocked after the 14th day of usage. Also, if you purchase the phone during the promotion period, you have 30 days to activate the phone and get the $1 offer.

We only offer a Free 2-day and Next Business Day shipping.