No sim card error

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No sim card error



 My phone is no longer able to receive calls. There's an error message that says there's no SIM card, although the original SIM card remains in place.


This is the third time this problem has occurred. The first time, I was able to call a customer service number; a representative walked me through procedures that were able to restore use of the phone for several months.


One of those procedures was simply to remove the card, clean is contacts, and replace it. Another procedure was to get a replacement card sent to me.


The second time the problem occurred, the first procedure didn't work, so I tried using the replacement card. This didn't work either, so I called customer service again. From the representative who assisted me, I learned the incorrect card had been sent to me. The representative helped me get through some other resetting procedures that were able to restore use of the phone for several months. He also had another replacement card sent to me.


Removing the card, cleaning its contacts, and replacing the card have restored use of the phone for now. 


If the "no sim card" error occurs again, how can I best resolve this issue so my phone will work again? 


One complication: I'm traveling now and don't have the replacement card with me. Also, I can't find the customer service line on the Virgin Mobile website anymore. The lack of an option to get immediate customer service responses is concerning, especially for this sort of problem that resurfaces and totally disables the device at unpredicted intervals.


Re: No sim card error

Hello there, we’re truly sorry about the experience. We understand your concerns, but in this case we will have to help you to get a replacement. Please send us your number and PIN through a private message. Thanks.