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Purchase iPhone from virgin

Whiz Kid

Purchase iPhone from virgin

I am currently
In the inner circle plan and have been for almost 5
Months now if I purchase a phone from virgin website to upgrade my iPhone will I lose the dollar a month plan and when should I expect to lose it

Re: Purchase iPhone from virgin

Hi there Parteese. By upgrading your phone again you would not lose your promotion offer. How ever, we recommend that if you are considering upgrading, to wait ( if able to) for your 6 months completion, so that with your new phone you would be eligible for 6 more months at $1 a month.  To verify when your 6 months are up, please send us a private message with your phone number and pin code and we will verify. Or, you may verify the activation of the 6 months plan on your online account by logging on to the following link: Victor21