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Returning a phone ordered online

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Returning a phone ordered online



I ordered a new phone on 12/16, but the phone was on back-order. On 12/28 it was shipped, and I just recieved it yesterday 1/03. I need to return this phone. After it was shipped, I found that Virgin Mobile will discontinue selling new Android phones to Android users after Fall 2018. I thought that current Android users would still be able to buy Android phones. I guess that ends. I don't want this phone anymore and I wouldn't have purchased it if I knew that at the time. I never opened it. 


I called customer service and I was given the OK to return it and they gave me the address to send it to. I was not given an RMA or anything. Even if I mailed it today, is it even possible to return it still? Will it get there in time without me paying $30 for faster shipping? Don't I need an RMA number? This seems strange that I don't have an RMA number. How many days do I have until Virgin Mobile won't accept the return? I know that it is "10 days" but is that 10 business days? If it is 10 calendar days then it has already been 7 and it will be at least 11 days even if it arrived on Monday.


Re: Returning a phone ordered online

Hi consisting!


You have up to 10 business days to return your phone , which counts from the day you received it until the day you ship it back to us (not the day it arrives). In any case, we'd like to take a look at your return order and make sure it's on the right track. Please send us a private message with your order number and any case number you might have been provided with. We'll be glad to