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The Inner Circle Playbook

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The Inner Circle Playbook

The Inner Circle is the game-changing new plan that’s currently shaking up the mobile industry. Here’s the deal: Virgin Mobile USA is changing business for good, and we’re more excited than ever about the endless opportunities available to those who choose to join us on this incredible journey.  


We’ve teamed up with Apple to bring you the first ever iPhone-exclusive plancomplete with unlimited talk, text and high-speed data on Virgin Mobile’s nationwide network. However, the Inner Circle isn’t just about a cool plan or a great offer. It’s about connecting people to the things in life that really mattersuch as new experiences and lasting memories.  


That’s why we’re offering you world-class service, complete with amazing Member Benefits and the unparalleled opportunity to join one of the most beloved families in the world: the #VirginFamily




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Getting Started


We don’t believe in limitations, so when it comes to choosing your phone for the Inner Circle — you’ve got options!


Purchase from

Shop iPhones on our website.


Bring Your Own Device

Check to see if your device is eligible.


Purchase from an Apple Retail Store

Find an Apple store near you.



For those who decide to purchase a device from our website, you'll receive a reference number once your order has been successfully completed.


When your order ships, a 'Shipment Notification' email will be sent to the email address you provided with the following information:

● Order Number

● Tracking Information

● Direct Link to Track Your Order


You can begin tracking their device within four hours of receiving the shipping email. If you have trouble tracking your device, try the following steps:

● Check your alternative inbox folders — junk, spam, promotions, etc.

● Add and as a trusted email domain under Settings > Filters > Blocked Addresses

● Add and as contacts

● Check with Gmail to ensure emails from Virgin Mobile are not being blocked

● If none of the above steps work for you, please contact us.



Once you have your device, it’s time to get activated onto the Inner CircleAfter initiating the activation process, you can easily check on the status of your activation. In order to check the status, you’ll need your Account PIN and your device ID.


If you have trouble activating your device, try the following:

● If you're using a cellular data connection, connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network instead

● If your device fails to automatically activate, dial ##UPDATE# (##873283#) on your device’s keypad and then press call (green phone icon)

● If your iPhone still cannot be activated or an alert says the activation server is unavailable or the SIM card is unsupported, follow these steps.

● If it appears that your device has successfully activated, but you are having issues with inbound/outbound calls and texts, try rebooting your device

● For Virgin Mobile customers who currently have an iPhone (and are upgrading to a new one on the Inner Circle plan), please try disabling “Find My Phone” on your old phone prior to activating your new device

● If none of the above steps work for you, please contact us.



Need help setting up your new iPhone? Don’t you fret we’ve got your back. Check out Apple Support to help get you started!






Getting Involved


The second you become a Virgin Mobile USA customer, you get access to deals and discounts from your favorite brands, along with the chance to win exclusive prizes and unforgettable experiences. From getting a great discount on your room rate at Virgin Hotels to getting 15 bottles of world-class wine at an amazing price, these awesome Member Benefits are all yours as soon as you join Virgin Mobile USA. Take advantage of them by visiting our Member Benefits page.



Joining our Community helps you get connected with other incredible Inner Circle members! Our online community is a special place where you can ask questions, find answers and get involved by joining the conversation. There’s always something to do here in the community – you can explore our Learning Library, leave your comments, show off your expertise, share your personal Inner Circle experiences, participate in exclusive Community contests and even get the inside scoop about upcoming events. Get started by creating your Community profile!


How to live your best Community life:


Find Answers

Check out the discussion forums where members like you share special insight on how to get the most out of being a member. You can also find answers in our Learning Library, which is home to a wealth of articles about Virgin Mobile USA.


Ask Questions

Can’t find an answer in the Community forums or in our Learning Library? Spark a conversation! Members like you are active in the forums and happy to share tips and knowledge.


Give Kudos

Just like a “like” or double-tap, kudos are your way to show appreciation for anything that’s interesting, helpful, funny or just cool.


Accepted Solutions

So you asked a question and got a few good replies? Help other members out (and give credit where credit is due) by choosing the best answer and marking it as an Accepted Solution! Doing this will highlight that reply to make it easier for others to find. Plus, it will recognize the member that helped.



Ranks and Badges

As you read, post, reply, kudo, answer and just spend time in the Community, you’ll notice your rank changing and badges being added to your profile. Right now, this is just a fun way to recognize your contributions to the Communitybut we have some really cool things in store. Stay tuned!


3. LIVE THE VIP LIFE19956798_1749055058455817_8773254302867740467_o.jpg


Want to get the full Inner Circle VIP experience? Enter our sweepstakes! Start living your life like a real MVP – because in the Inner Circle…you are. Simply go to the Member Benefits page, view our latest sweepstakes, choose one from the list and hit “enter.” You’ll see a confirmation of your entry onscreen. Cross your fingers, and we’ll let you know if you’ve won!



giphy (87).gifDid you know that you have the power to help end hunger in America with your phone? Just share a photo of your meal on Instagram or Twitterusing the hashtag #DonateMyPlate and Virgin Mobile will donate a meal to Feeding America® for every picture posted. Your picture might even get featured on our website! Virgin Mobile is honored to support Feeding America® in its mission to help end hunger in America, and one hashtag from you makes a big difference!


Staying Connected

Connect with us on social media to be the first to know about Inner Circle news, contests and updates! We’ve got a lot of cool stuff in the works, so don’t miss out. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite Member Benefit or you’re sitting VIP section after winning a one of the Inner Circle sweepstakes don’t forget to tag us @VirginMobileUSA! We’re excited to be a part of your Inner Circle experience, so show us what you’ve got!


Social Media






Helpful Resources

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Entering Sweepstakes

Enjoying Data-Free Streaming Music

Swapping Service to New Phone

Helping End Hunger in America



For additional support, please visit our Support Page!


Kudo = LIKE
Accepted Solution = Problem Solved