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Throttling specific sites and services

Whiz Kid

Throttling specific sites and services

I've been having an issue connecting to streaming sites over the past month. Approximately 1am every night (I work nights) My service basically stops connecting to anything with streaming. pandora, youtube, etc, no connection. I keep seeing 4G on my phone but nothing connects.

I can get to regular websites easily, even Facebook seems to come up without issue. But strong streaming sites for music/video goes dead.

I have a 10Gig unlimited plan. I'm not even at 4.5 G for the month according to my phone report. Someone needs to explain to me WTF is going on with cutting out streaming connections to specific sites. if it were all sites or internet access I'd write it off as maintenance. But when it is only SPECIFICly streaming sites that are failing? regularly?

That smacks of someone limiting data access.

I want some answers. I depend on pandora accesss to get through the workday. If this continues I will find another provider. I've been a customer for over 15 years but if this crap continues, I'm gone.


Re: Throttling specific sites and services

Hi there! That’s definitely not okay. So sorry to read that you’ve been experiencing this. What's the make and model of your phone? To research further, can you send us the cross streets and ZIP code where this occurs?