Virgin Mobile

Unable to purchase phone.

Whiz Kid

Unable to purchase phone.

I just entered all of my information, including credit card number, four times and clicked to review my order and purchase. The "Review Order" button apparently doesn't work.  You click, and the cursor and browser spin for a minute or so, then nothing happens.  I've now tried in both Firefox and Chrome.  I am not interested in calling and dealing with the annoying phone tree and hold times.


I am an Android user (and will remain ever so, as I do not like or want an iPhone), and I was trying to purchase the LG Stylo 3. They are showing up as in stock.  I tried both a debit card and credit card, both with adequate finances available.  I decided to complete the purchase on Amazon instead, and whaddya know, it was even $30 cheaper.  Fix your website, Virgin!


Re: Unable to purchase phone.

Hi there, Snarffykins! We are so sorry that happened! You can rest assured knowing that we will do everything in our power to resolve this. Thanks for your honest feedback!