account termination

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account termination

Hello, I got in contact with you guys through Facebook and was told to get in contact with you in here since you can help me easily...Last May 1st I bought a phone and got credit for the phone....I think my last add on was around May 10th. I've been out of the country since then and I've been only using whatsapp since. A few days ago I got a message and got logged out of whatsapp what made me think my phone number was terminated and given to another person. I understand if that happened bc I haven't add any credit to it but since I'll be back on the States next 19th I would like to get a new number if possible. I already have a phone and all I need is the number...pls let let know how to proceed.
Thanks in advance.
Dalma Mederos


Re: account termination

Hi Dalma Mederos!


We must assume that your phone service has been cancelled at this point. If that's the case, you can easily reactivate it with us again. For the purpose, you can visit our website or call our service line at the 1-888-322-1122 to reactivate it via phone.


If you need additional assistance just let us know.