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cannot review my order


Re: cannot review my order

Hi AnnetteinFL


We're sorry about the inconvenient delay on our confirmation of your order. Please bear with us as the email confirmations will be sent today to all of our Inner Circle subscribers. Please report back to us if you don't receive it within the next 4 hours.



Heavy Hitter

Re: cannot review my order

Hi @lili


I had received similar errors before, when trying to make an order. I was actually just able to process an order to go through yesterday, with email and account confirmation of the order. I took a couple of measures to help it go through, and I believe it is why my order went through this time around. I understand you are probably blowing steam from your ears and you may not want to try ordering another dreaded time. However, in case you do want to try ordering one more time, please follow all the steps below, in order.


Here are all the steps, in order, of what I did differently to make sure my order went through:


1. Cleared my Browsing History (Cache and Cookies)

2. Used Incognito Mode under Google Chrome

3. Update my Virgin Mobile Account Address to match exactly to my Credit Card Statement (Manage My Account >> Login >> Settings >> Edit My Contact Info)

4. During checkout, make sure my the Name matches exactly to my Credit Card (Middle Names / Middle Initials included)

5. During checkout, make sure my Address matches exactly to my Credit Card Statement (In my case, I was forced to exclude my Floor Number from my address as it was not being recognized)


If you end up trying this, please let me know if it works, and mark this as the solution. I hope this may become of use to others as well. Thanks.