problem with activation


problem with activation

Plan to bring my own iphone to inner circle, porting in from google voice (number unlocked). passed the check, ordered the SIM. Received SIM yesterday and started the activation process. Called 844-604-3420 gave all the info asked. 


It has been 24 hrs by now, but the phone is still not actived.  Dialed ##873283# receiving error message 'profile update failed'


Could someone please help with this issue, thanks. 


Re: problem with activation

So Go Ahead and Give Customer Service a Call back, at 888 322 1122 and ask about the status of your port, let them know it  has been 24 hours and to check to see if anything further needs to be done, they should be able to tell you if there was any reason why its being held up. Also! Great knowing the ##873283# , give that a try after you call CS and after a Full-Iphone-Restart (power off all the way and then power on, and then do the code thingy 🙂 (fingers crossed for you)

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Re: problem with activation

Hey there, yibei! Sorry for the late reply! Were you able to fix the issue by following Eddie's instructions?


If you still need any help, please send me a private message including:


- Your mobile number.


- Your 6-digit PIN.


- The phone's MEID/IMEI.


I'll be happy to help you!


RB-1991 (Robert)