Virgin Mobile

want to upgrade to better phone.....

Whiz Kid

want to upgrade to better phone.....

I want to upgrade my phone, but the one i like is so much cheaper at target than directly online....Does anyone know if I will be able to transfer everything to this new phone if I dont purchase directly from Virgin, but instead get a virgin phone from target?


Re: want to upgrade to better phone.....

There is no way to know for sure without actually trying it because one cannot know what arrangement there is between Virgin Mobile and Target.  It is certainly possible that devices sold at places like Target might be limited to initial activations on a new account rather than device swaps.


Another complication is the return policy Target has and that should be checked out carefully before buying there.  If it does nto work, that could be costly.


In the case of Sprint Prepaid phones the IMIE and ICCID were printed on the outside of the box and so it was possible to try to swap a device without actually opening the box.  If the swap failed, then the item could be returned unopended to the vendor.


However, if it is necessary to actually open the box to get that information that could seriously affect the ability to obtain a refund if the swap cannot be made.