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Account could not be validated PT2

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Account could not be validated PT2

Okay, I’ve been here before with this problem that has yet to be solved after 2 months. I just contacted customer service and got a reply that was NOT relevent to my problem, and needless to say I’m really not happy. So I am posting the exact email here to see if maybe someone here is more helpful.

I have contacted customer service several times about this
problem almost 2 months now.

My phone claims "Account can not be validated" when making phone calls,
and I can not receive or sendtext messages or use my phone's internet
outside of wi-fi for TWO MONTHS now.

I have done ALL of the following more than dozens of times each:
Dialed "##873283#" with both "Service Update Failed" AND "Service Update
Complete" showing at different times with NO CHANGE.
I have reset the network settings, NO CHANGE.
I have wiped the ENTIRE phone after being on the phone with customer
service at an Apple store.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I've now paid for 2 months of service with NO

The Apple employee suggested that you send me a new SIM card to see if
that is the problem.

I'm tired of these dead ends and paying for a service I have been unable
to use at all.

So far the things you told me to do were to wait it out because you had
an "outage" in the area almost 2 months ago. Then you told me to go to
Apple where they simply sat on the phone with you guys trying to solve
the problem with no luck.

What is wrong with my phone and why are you unable to fix this?

Re: Account could not be validated PT2

Hi Ellindira!


Let's do some investigating here. Please send me a private message with the following information:


  • Phone Number
  • Security Pin
  • Device IMEI Number
  • SIM Card ICC ID
  • Current Address


With this information we'll be able to isolate the issue and provide a timely resolution. We'll be waiting for your reply.


Note: To send a private message, you must tap on an agent's nickname and select "Send this user a private message" from the "Contact Me" tab.