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Classy Customer Service...


Classy Customer Service...

I had an issue with my service to the point where I needed to talk with a CS manager.  When I explained my issue (my kids service shut off) and how I needed a resolution, the manager stated he couldn't help me (without charging me another month of service) and hung up while I was mid-sentence.  Nice move Mr. Manager, you've completely lost my service.


BTW, If you're going to have your VM phone number ported to another service, make sure you have that phone in hand when changing, VM cuts your service immediately upon port request NOT when the number is activated on the physical device.


Re: Classy Customer Service...

Hello, weily68!


We truly apologize for such bad experience you've had with our customer service. We're sorry we lost you as a customer, but thank you for the feedback! 


Regarding how the porting process works, it's weird that your service cut off before your number was completely transferred to the other carrier. In fact, the service should remain active in Virgin Mobile until the number is completely transferred.


We hope to bring you back.