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Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

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Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

Greetings Everyone,

Alright, I'll just get to the point & try to keep this as short as I can.  Back in 2015, my phone was stolen, so I bought a Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen to replace it, I constantly got an error message about the SIM card, but as it didn't have any effect on the operation of the phone, I ignored it, I got a few other error messages, but they too were ignored because they had no noticeable effect on the phone.  Back in April, I got an email, stating that my account with Virgin Mobile had been terminated, I thought it was a joke, or someone trying to pull a prank or something, as my phone still worked just fine, & I was still able to make calls, text people & use the internet on the phone.  I went to check my account, but got an error message, so I just let it go, & figured that I could take care of it later.  About a month ago, I (mistakenly) thought that the adhesive inside the phone had softened or something, as the screen started to extrude a bit from the body, so I figured that I'd just take it to this phone shop downtown, when I got more money.  About two weeks ago, I took it to that shop, & found out that the problem was that the batery was expanding, but, I would've had to wait until I got even more money to replace the battery, so I just took the phone home & went in search of a battery for that phone.  Unfortunately, in the middle of my looking at batteries for that phone, the screen went black, so I had no other choice but to just cash in my insurance (which I got from Walmart), after which time (that process took about three days), I went in search of a new phone.  The Walmart stores down here no longer sell Virgin Mobile, though I didn't know that until I was actually looking for a new phone.  I ended up looking on, & found a nice LG X Power, so I bought it, it arrived this past Friday, & I have been trying to get it activated ever since.  First, I found out that the email I got back in April was REAL, so, Virgin Mobile had actually terminated my account, but not one person has been able to explain to me how it is that I was still able to use my phone up until two weeks ago, if they had terminated the account...  DOES NOT COMPUTE!  But, alright, that was at least partially my fault, as I should have contacted them back in April to find out what was going on, so I can accept that I no longer have my account, which I had since 2002, but, when I was trying to get info, none of the customer service people seemed to respond, all I got was that automated message telling me that they got my message & to give me a number to use when checking on the status of what I had asked them about (& I still haven't heard word one from them).  Then, I found a little ray of hope, when I was trying to activate my phone, when I chose the option of moving a number from another carrier, I found out that (apparently), when I activated that Moto G 3rd Gen, it put me on a different service plan from the normal one I had, I guess moving me away from Virgin Mobile somehow, to something called "DATA SHARE", & so I'd be able to get my phone number (which made me very happy, as I was more worried about my number than my account anyway, as I'd had that same number since 2002, & I really didn't want to have to get a new number.  Unfortunately, I kept getting error messages here on the site telling me that something was wrong.  Last night, I got an email saying:

"Order Cancellation Confirmation for Order

Hey there, DALE HALL,

We received your request, however, due to a system error as we are unable to verify your order and process your request.  

Please contact one of our Cusomer Care Representatives at 1-888-322-1122.  Make sure you have your order number handy when you call.


Virgin Mobile"
Now, firstly, I DON'T HAVE ANOTHER PHONE, SO ALL MY COMMUNICATION WITH THEM HAS HAD TO BE THROUGH EMAIL OR ON THE WEBSITE...  So, how they just assumed that I had a way to call anyone is beyond me, but I can relate to them thinking that someone else would let me use their phone to make a call, or that I'd be able to find a payphone to make the call, unfortunately, neither of those things was true for me, as all the payphones around here that I've been able to find have either been destroyed, or just generally no longer work (found that out the day my old phone was stolen..), & the only person who would allow me to use their phone is in Washington, while I'm in Louisiana right now...
Secondly, in the header, it was talking about cancelation, but I didn't cancel anything...  &  when I was able to get the aforementioned person to make the call for me, the customer service person told her that I had canceled out my old number...  I'm starting to lose my mind here, what did I do wrong here?!?... I really, truly need some answers, so any would be greatly appreciated if anyone else has been through something similar & found a solution...
Thank you for your time,

-Dale A R Hall


Re: Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

Hi. We would like to confirm if your account with your original number is still active. Please send us a private message with the original phone number and answer to the security question. As well, were you able to activate the new phone? If yes provide us with that number and pin code. If no, Provide us with the MEID/DEC number of the new phone. Please provide us this information through a private message only. Victor21


Re: Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

Hi, @skiiwalker Are you having a similar problem?