Virgin Mobile

Terrible customer service overall


Terrible customer service overall

On 4/30/2019, I contacted VM Support regarding my LG Tribute SP200. I am having several problems with my phone. I can get past somr things that are a nuisance; but is beyond that. I explained that I had my phone doing the following things:

* It shuts off out of nowhere. I'm in the middle of texting it emailing and bo goes black. Once I realize it turned off, I turned it back on. Only to see there was plenty of battery left. It would happen occasionally. Now it happens all the time.


* I am writing an email and all the sudden the email disappears and returns within seconds. When the page comes back; the last few things I had typed are missing. It varies from 3 words to the entire thought. I thought it might be auto save; but it was not. It also has began to happen more frequently.


* The phone's battery life is beyond horrible. It doesn't last like the specs says. I charged it as instructed. It has never lasted during use but tolerable. Now you spend 24  hours charging and 2 hours depleting the battery.

     *It literally doesn't charge.I will place in the charger over a course of 24 hours. It will be charging all night and only get up to tops 88%. T I have tried different charging cords a

and electrical charging blocks. I have tried in a wall outlet v/s power surge removal. This is a relatively new disappointment

* The wifi never wants to connect to my home network or other network I know and use, ie: my mom's house. It disables my connection to my frequenly used hot spots. The wifi connection is strong and it drops all the time. Constantly getting the message mobile data in use. Should not be that way. I'm 5 steps away from the router. I have reset network settings. I have update PRL ect in settings. NOTHING WORKS. I cannot connect to my own network within feet of my router so I can enjoy Roku/Netflix without burning up my data and buying more data. Makes you wonder if it's intentional. 


* The power button doesn't work well. It shuts off by itself and you have to press and hold down the power button untit it hurts your finger. 


I have been with Virgin Mobile for 7-8 years. I had my husband, sister, niece and nephew all go with Virgin Mobile. This was when they offered the "Refer a Friend" program. Each referral was $25. They suddenly no longer offered the program evenir page...  though they advertised it on the main screen of their page. I have had to call customer service in the past and exchange phones in the past. They were all still under manufacturer warranty. They have all given me a difficult time getting it exchanged. I can't even begin to explain some of the antics, b.s. they have had me go through or do. It has ALWAYS had to excel to profound levels to get real assistance. This is my 4th phone and my husband has had 2 returned. They would send me out a replacement phone and I ould return the defective one 14 days upon receipt. Well, I start the process all over again. (Oh, I forgot to mention I tried a factory reset that ended up being pointless.) I tell them what's 5sking place with my phone. They ask me (they =Virgin Mobile) what I would like them to do it how they can help me with my phone? I replied I need to know it's under warranty? They confirmed it was until 6/11. I said I need a replacement. They stayed I needed to contact the  manufacturer for the replacement. I have never been told that before. I replied by saying "No, you send me the replacement. I return this phone and you return to the manufacturer for credit. They oause and come back and say "Yes, you are right. We can assist you with the replacement. We need $25 before we send out he replacement to you." Basically having me pay for my own shipping for the replacement phone for a defective product they sold to me. The manufacturer does free shipping and returns. Even if the difnt, I am sure they would cover the cost of shipping to replace a defective product of their own and it **bleep** sure is not going to cost $25. I refused over and over and over. I was refused the representative's name's. I was transferred like a bouncy ball 6 times. I had to start over each and every time. I was refused a transcript of the conversation I had with Virgin Mobile o ef z course of 3.5 hours. I started the call in I hung up at 3:38 pm. I was denied a supervisor. I was told they would return my call when available, never happened. 


Bottom line is my phone is useless. It is the only means of communication I can afford and currently have. I explained I didn't have $25. I explained it has never been necessary previously. I explained it was unethical to have me pay for shipping of a replacement phone so that I could have a working phone while I had a a working plan. I was referred to the manufacturer. I called them as well. But I could not get in writing the information needed. I needed the purchase date and serious phone information to get them to replace it. Well the gave it to me via phone; but refused to out it in writing to provide to the manufacturer. I am at the end if my rope. I'm frustrated. I am considering finding another carrier. Shouldn't have to go through this. I guess loyalty, longevity with their customers is insignificant to Virgin Mobile. Yet, another significant disappointment.