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What happened to the company I used to brag about? When did I become such a fool for staying?

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What happened to the company I used to brag about? When did I become such a fool for staying?

When it comes to frustration, even the worst companies (AHEMComcastAHEMDeltaAirlinesAHEM) at least make things easy to sign up, upgrade, and GIVE THEM MONEY, even if it's a whole other story when you run into terrible problems after chaining yourself to them.  Yes, even when they have a monopoly on markets like internet companies have on many geographical areas, at least managing your account is fairly straightforward.  


I've been a Virgin Mobile customer for several years now, and I used to feel so sorry for all the people I knew who were not on Virgin, because I could see them facing so many problems I never had to.  Well, I must be an utter fool because I'm still here even after watching things deteriorate, especially the past couple years.  Biggest sign that I'm too thick to read the signs: I just ordered a new phone, despite it being extremely difficult and doesn't appear it will get any easier now, after the charges have already been taken from my bank. 

First of all, using the app and website is a problem almost every time.  Just look at all the people who can't do simple things like see their account number or activate a new phone.  Even this Community is glitchy--I just had to dig like crazy to find the new burial spot for starting a post, then had to go through the steps to verify my account in order to make this post, even though I've been registered all along and made posts in the past.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg with this company's website problems.  I REALLY should have gotten the hint when I repeatedly tried to order a new phone two days ago, and couldn't get through the checkout process because at some stage or other the website error page kept popping up "Oops, this is embarrassing...." YA THINK?  It's really worse than embarrassing; it's unacceptable and I should have recognized that.  But instead I persisted into yesterday, and FINALLY succeeded.  But I specifically checkmarked the upgrade charge for faster shipping, and it showed up along with the price of the phone and taxes, and yet for some reason it did NOT charge after I finalized the purchase.  I received the email reviewing my order, the charges (no expedited shipping) and the statement that I would receive the tracking number when the item shipped.  Well I thought surely I'd get that email today, but nope.  So I called and the rep said the phone has shipped but there won't be a tracking number "in the system" until Friday.  B.S.!  Either she's wrong (maybe lying) about the package really being shipped already, or there's something seriously wrong with communication between FedEx and Virgin (and by the way, way to pick the WORST shipping carrier--and I notice that fact isn't anywhere on the shopping page, the email I received, or anywhere else).  

The first time I ordered a phone from Virgin in 2014, it arrived so fast (two days later if I recall) it was one of the things that solidified my loyalty to the company.  But now.....I wonder if I'll even have a phone before next Monday....and when it does arrive, will I be able to activate it and use it, or will it become just another aggravation?  


Ordinary people running websites, blogs, sales out of their home, with limited expertise and no employees do better than this.  And now that there are so many more choices for pay-as-you-go phone service, I wonder how long this company will even continue to exist. 


Re: What happened to the company I used to brag about? When did I become such a fool for staying?

Hey there! We truly apologize for the bad experience. Allow us to change it to a positive one.  Please send me a Private Message with the order number so I can verify what's going on.