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Better answers to your questions

Digital Support Manager

Better answers to your questions

Hi, I’m Tim and I’m on the Customer Experience Team here at Virgin Mobile. It’s our job to constantly improve the experience you have when you visit our website, use our app App, and connect with Virgin Mobile.


Why is digital so important? By having useful digital tools, you have the convenience of getting you the help you need, when you need it.  No waiting on hold. No waiting over holidays. At 3am, if you need help – we’re here for you.


We’d like to invite you to try our first innovation. We have revamped the Support page. It’s now sleek and fast – it’s also smart, too.  The more questions it gets asked – the better it gets at answering questions.


We’ve taught it some great stuff, but over time it will get smarter. Take a second and help it learn by asking it the kinds of questions you’d like the answers to, as a customer.




Digital Support Manager – Virgin Mobile USA


[EDIT from @BMH, Community Manager - Have you tried the support page? If you have any feedback, please post it in Community Suggestions and tag it with "support page"]