We have our first Virgin Mobile Superstar!

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We have our first Virgin Mobile Superstar!


The time has finally arrived!  Our first Virgin Mobile Super Star has been selected!


We kept an eye out for members who demonstrated their great citizenship by sharing their Virgin Mobile expertise with our fellows here on Community.  Members were able to 'vote' for their favorites by awarding kudos for great advice and those who sought assistance could go even further by marking posts which had been particularly helpful as the Accepted Solution.    The Moderators and Community Mangers did our part by awarding kudos and marking solutions Accepted as well.  The time has come and we're delighted and proud to introduce JoshAVGeek as our first Virgin Mobile Community Super Star! 


@JoshAVGeek has demonstrated a helpful spirit and great citizenship skills as he's answered questions for many of you. We've rewarded JoshAVGeek's efforts with a new phone, the LG Stylo2, as well as an invitation to the exclusive Super Star Space where he can work a bit more closely with the Virgin Mobile team and share what he learns with you.  Because Josh REALLY enjoys sharing what he knows, he'll be sharing pics, videos and posts about that new LG Stylo2 in the coming weeks.  Look for him out on the LG space  (or wherever members are in need!).


A great community is made up of great members:  people sharing knowledge to improve the experiences of the whole.  Thank you @JoshAVGeek for representing exactly the kind of member we're proud to have!


Are YOU interested in earning a crown and becoming a Super Star yourself?  Although not all Super Stars will win a phone, being a Super Star gives you status and recognition amongst your peers! All it takes is a bit of Virgin Mobile and/or device knowledge, a welcoming attitude and a little bit of time.  You earn kudos and Accepted Solutions when others recognize your efforts.  The more helpful you are, the closer you get to Super Star status!


Remember, Super Stars represent the best of the Virgin Mobile customer community, so we always treat one another with respect and follow both the Terms of Use and the Community Guidelines here.  Don't forget to join the Virgin Mobile Customer here and Virgin Mobile Fan groups here to earn your badges for both!


Congratulations again, JoshAVGeek and welcome to the Super Star space!

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Re: We have our first Virgin Mobile Superstar!

Good job! -JoshavGeek Keep it up. I may become the next Virgin Mobile Superstar like you someday . It's people like you who inspire me to good.