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Welcome, Guidelines & Rules

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Welcome, Guidelines & Rules

Welcome to the Virgin Mobile Community! This is where you can exchange ideas, tips, information, and techniques related to our products and services with other Virgin Mobile customers & community members to find information about your Virgin Mobile device and services. 

First things to do:

  1. Remember when creating your user name, it will also be your display name.
  2. Select your avatar, or upload your own!
  3. Feel free to introduce yourself!
  4. Ask and answer questions!

What you should know:

Rule 1 BE NICE! The people in this community are here to help or they need help, so lets be nice and appreciative, and understanding. This isn't a forum for haters, we practice the 3 strikes and you're out approach. We understand you may be frustrated when you cannot find an answer to your question, but that is why we created this community, to help you find answers. So it's okay to complain, if you are looking for help, but please provide details and give others a chance to help you.

Rule 2DO NOT post personal or account information, and do not give it out to anyone who is not a verified Virgin Care agent or Admin identified by the Virgin Mobile logo next to their user name. 





Just a reminder, per the Terms and Conditions: Virgin Mobile does not pre-screen or endorse any information submitted by participants in the Community ("Posts"), and is not responsible for ensuring the accuracy of any Post. We may remove any content or Post in the Community for any reason.

The criteria for removing content include but are not limited to:

  • Content that is obscene or uses obscene, profane, or sexually explicit language.
  • Content that is violent, racist, incendiary, abusive, threatening, or slanderous against anyone or any group.
  • Content that violates any local, state or federal law.
  • Content intended to exploit, solicit, or harm minors.
  • Content containing your own or anyone else's personal information including, but not limited to passwords, credit card numbers, contact information, account information, CPNI or other personally identifying information.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are solely responsible for any third-party use of any personal information you disclose to the community.
  • Content that uses JavaScript or active code, repetitive posts, or otherwise taking actions that interfere with site operations.
  • Content that includes Trojan horses, worms, spyware, files, executables, or external links to sites that force the download of any virus, program, spyware or other content or code that could alter, interfere with, damage or destroy data or functionality of any computer hardware or software or mobile device.
  • Member violations or deleted posts or warning letters, or discussion of sanctioned or no longer registered users.
  • Content relating to current, future, or proposed lawsuits for Virgin Mobile. This is not the forum for legal issues with Virgin Mobile, and we are not allowed to discuss ongoing litigation.
  • New threads for topics that already exist.
  • Content that advertises products or services, including external links for self-promotion of content related or unrelated to Virgin Mobile.
  • Content that is posted in more than one forum.
  • Content that is overly negative, hostile or does not add to the conversation.
  • Virgin Mobile reserves the right to immediately disable an account and reject all Posts if a community member's display name contains profanity of any type or in any way mimics an official Virgin Mobile or Virgin Mobile employee account. No warnings will be issued in this instance.


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Re: Welcome, Guidelines & Rules

I just received a scam phone call. The recording,which souds exactly like the Virgin Mobil Virtual Advisor said my service is now disconnected because I did not "top-up" or pay my bill.The caller said to pay through them to get my service back.I called Virgin Mobile and they said all is paid----it was a scam.SO BEWARE!

Important: anything concerning your account is sent by text messages or emails--NEVER VIA A PHONE CALL from Virgin Mobile.

Community Manager

Re: Welcome, Guidelines & Rules

Thanks for reporting this @stevenXL_34, yes you are correct, there are so many phone scams out there today, you should always be careful to protect your privacy, never give your account information over the phone!  The internal Boost teams have been notified.  

Whiz Kid

Re: Welcome, Guidelines & Rules

I am sending you a PM. I am new to the community. I am a broadband2Go customer. Send me a Virgin Mobile Customer Badge. Thank you.