Cannot receive calls from my work number

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Cannot receive calls from my work number

I cannot receive calls from any phones at my office. I called about this issue and was told that service was being worked on and should be restored on 24-36 hours a week ago. The problem still persists. I work at the City of Pasadena, CA and when I try and call my phone from any City phone I get a busy single every time. This only happens with the cities phones and began when I signed up for the Circle Plan and got a new iPhone 7 plus.  Before that everything worked fine with my old Virgin phone which is a Motorola. I have reset the network several times and am not sure what to do next.


Re: Cannot receive calls from my work number

Hello, @courtne867 Oh no! That’s definitely not what we like to hear. Can you private message us with your phone number so we can take a closer look?


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