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Drilling an iPhone 7?


Drilling an iPhone 7?

If you have thoughts or ideas about doing this STOP!

As any time... Insurance WILL NOT cover a replacement what so ever. Apple WILL NOT replace the device at all regardless of Apple Care + or not. As this was purposeful behavior towards damaging the device.

So think smart before following the trend online...
-Josh the Virgin Mobile Expert

Re: Drilling an iPhone 7?

Virgin Mobile offers AppleCare+ device protection plan that requires only one-time, up-front payment, which is different from the existing add-on monthly insurance program. AppleCare+ is the only extended warranty and protection program available for the iPhone at Virgin Mobile.

Benefits of AppleCare+ include:

Provides a one stop shop for all technical and software support.

  • Includes the iPhone, battery, and included earphone and accessories.
  • Covers repair or replacement coverage for both parts and labor from Apple- authorized technicians.
  • Protects customer's new investment.
  • It's a one-time charge of $99.00 ($129 for iPhone 6s or 6s+) instead of paying a fee every month.
  • The price of a new iPhone is currently TBD. The $99.00/$129.00 AppleCare+ cost helps safeguard their iPhone for 2 years.

However the device will not be replaced, If the device has any external damage.

I hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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Re: Drilling an iPhone 7?

@JoshAVGeek I assume you are referring to the ridiculous videos on YouTube and other ridiculous claims that you can drill into your iPhone 7!  You are correct any deliberate damage to your phone is not covered by insurance!