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How long have I've been a customer

Whiz Kid

How long have I've been a customer

Hello, So I know I have had this phone for a long long time. After getting my first from this site I have been very satisfied with it's service. I have only now been looking at the site and my ""Profile"" to which there really isn't one, so I was wondering if anyone knows from what page would I need to go to in order to see my very first sign up date? Like how many years I have been here.


I know it's more than 7 and or around 10. 7 is being modest. really. Thanks.


Re: How long have I've been a customer

Thanks for the love, @Chaz_D! We appreciate it. Unfortunately, that is not available in our website. However, if you still need that information, feel free to send me a private message including your phone number and pin.


In order to send a private message, you just need to click on my name, then select the option that says "Send this user a private message".