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I have tried several times to purchase the iPhone SE (in gray and/or silver) through the website since July 2016.


I am able to select the phone, see it in my cart, enter my shipping/billing info and my credit card information. But when I click to purchase, I get an 'error' message that says to call the 1-888 Virgin number.


Following the prompts at that phone number results in a recording that says 'to purchase an iPhone, please visit our website or store'.

Can the website be fixed?

Any information on when the website will be repaired would be welcome. Here is the link to the broken iPhone SE order page:







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Re: Apple iPhone SE can not be purchased at website?

 I have the same problem to buy a iphone 5s !! Everything is correct. Virgins says that the zip code must match .. But it does. 

Any solution ???

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iPhone 7 plus out of stock for weeks

Has anyone seen the iPhone 7plus in stock in the last few weeks?  Ive been checking multiple times a day, but still nothing.  


Re: iPhone 7 plus out of stock for weeks

At this time our Sales Team is working hard to replenish the iPhone inventory as soon as possible. Please visit our page daily as our inventory levels will vary on a day to day basis.

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Re: iPhone 7 plus out of stock for weeks

That doesn't help at all. I've seen the same response to every other post. Is there a timeline of when more phones will be ordered and in stock?
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Re: iPhone 7 plus out of stock for weeks

Same here it might end up as months before its restocked.

Re: iPhone 7 plus out of stock for weeks

From what I know, most people who pre-ordered their 7 plus on the Apple website haven't even gotten theirs yet. They're estimated to be delivered in November, so there's no telling when virgin will be getting them in stock. At this point, it may be better to wait next year for the new iPhone. It's most likely going to have more specs added, being as next year is the 10th anniversary of the iphone and it's a kind of marketing technique being used by Apple to rake in more money.
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is iPhone 6s out of stock or?

so I would like to purchase a specific iPhone but when I add it to cart and choose the specifics of it, nothing happens. I cleared my history and everything but it's just a blank page however if I choose a different colour like gold, it's there? (I want the space grey 32gb).


Re: is iPhone 6s out of stock or?

Check the website daily for instock updates

-Josh the Virgin Mobile Expert
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iphone 7 plus

any updates on when iphone 7 plus will be in stock?