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PreLoved iphone 7 - yes or no?

Whiz Kid

PreLoved iphone 7 - yes or no?

I was going to buy the iPhone 7 brand new for my boyfriend, but per usual, the phone sold out the same day I got paid. I don’t know how this happens to me every time I go to buy a phone, but anyways I am considering getting the 128 gb preloved version for him.

I’m looking for personal experiences with the used 7 because I have read horrendous stories about people buying the PreLoved 6 and 6s. If it were just for me I’d give it a whirl but being a gift I can’t receive junk. It’s my opinion that if there is one thing you can buy used it’s an iPhone because they are so dependable, and my boyfriend wouldn’t mind that it’s used (it’s the thought that counts and it’s still a lot of money). I just don’t want to give him a new phone and have it flake out 2 days later.

So please weigh in on my situation, as I have no idea when the brand new ones will be back in stock.