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Swapping to iPhone 5s NOT WORKING

Whiz Kid

Swapping to iPhone 5s NOT WORKING

OK so I just got my iPhone 5s yesterday and been trying to swap my android phone to this 5s since. Every time I type in the IMEI online an orange box appears so it's an unknown error. When I type the IMEI on the automated voice message calling system it works fine but when it comes to doing the UICC number it says "sorry that doesn't match please try again. " this is honestly so frustrating and I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks!
Rising Star

Re: Swapping to iPhone 5s NOT WORKING

i had the same thing happen to me.  I stayed on the line and didnot put the number in and they transfered me to a rep.  I told her the problem and she had the new phones up and running in 5 min.