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Use my 8+ sim in my X?

Whiz Kid

Use my 8+ sim in my X?



I just got an iPhone X and I want to see if I can use my sim card that is in my iPhone 8+ or if I have to get a whole new sim card.


Any ideas?



Re: Use my 8+ sim in my X?

Hi there, shmamanda! The SIM card may not be compatible with the new phone. Is it an unlocked iPhone X? 

Heavy Hitter

Re: Use my 8+ sim in my X?

You'll need to get a new SIM. Unfortunately Sprint (and Virgin Mobile as a result) does not allow sim switching between phones. You'll either need to contact customer care and have them ship you one, or visit an Apple store and get a FREE sim card from them. Just ask any Apple Store specialist for a replacement Sprint sim. You can then log into your VMUSA account and swap devices through an easy online process. 


I did this when I upgraded to the iPhone X, and it was easy as pie. 


Let me know if you need instructions on how to swap your devices using the online process.