Virgin Mobile iphone questions

Virgin Mobile iphone questions

No idea where to ask this and starting to get pretty annoyed. Called into the Virgin Mobile help line and had to deal with their useless menus for ~15 minutes before finally getting it to channel me to a person via an unrelated menu path. Fianlly spoke to someone for what should have been a quick answer and they clearly had no idea how to answer and spewed BS at me. 




Can I keep my 35 dollar/mointh plan if I buy an i-phone? 


If the answer to above question is yes, how can I do that? I tried checking out through the Virigin Mobile website and it sent me straight to a page welcoming to join inner circle. I do not want to join inner circle. I just want(ed) to get to the next page in the purchasing process and see final the cost/how long it would take to ship. Not switch my payment plan. 


Also, is it possible to buy a phone (say, this one, which costs significantly less than the one Virgin Mobile is selling) and use it with Virgin Mobile service? The Virgin Mobile person I spoke to on the phone suggested I go to a retail store such as Target when I told her the website would not allow me to move forward with purchase of phone. If Target is selling for $150, and I followed her advice and bought it there, what assurance do I have that it will work on Virgin Mobile despite it saying on the link it is for AT&T? I would just be following the advice of what the Virgin Mobile person told me to do, but I feel like if I buy the phone from Target, it will not activate for Virgin Mobile (yay for Virgin's cost for iphone being so much more expensive than Target's for AT&T). 


Anyone know a phone number I can call to talk to a person who knows that answers to these questions?






Re: Virgin Mobile iphone questions

Hey there, annoyedatvirgin! Sorry for the long tardiness in answering to your post!


You can certainly keep your $35.00 Data Love plan while upgrading to an iPhone device. To carry out this task, you would need to send us a private message with your mobile number, 6-digit PIN code, and the new phone's IMEI, so we can make the phone swap while keeping the same plan.


About using an iPhone (or any other smartphone) from another carrier, this is available only for customers who are currently part of the Inner Circle program. We apologize for any issues this may cause.


Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions.


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Re: Virgin Mobile iphone questions

Why would you want to keep your $35 plan when you can have your service be FREE? (Well ok 8 cents a month).

2. That ATT iPhone won't be unlocked; their policy for prepaid is you've had to have ATT service for 6 months before they will unlock it
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Re: Virgin Mobile iphone questions

As for price; straight talk has $200 iPhone 6 and $150 iPhone SE... but what they don't have is an entire year if service for $1... so I gladly paid $320 for an iPhone 6 from Virgin to save $50 a month