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iPhone unlock not successful

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iPhone unlock not successful

I called at the end of last month to have my iPhone unlocked and was assured over phone that both international and domestic unlocking were done. However, when I traveled abroad a couple days later, problems with unlocking occurred. I inserted the local SIM into my phone but kept receiving the "Activation required" and "SIM not supported" messages. Frustrated, I took the phone and SIM to a local Apple service store. People there checked and told me that it's most likely due to unsuccessful unlocking. Now I've come back without getting any chance to use my iPhone overseas. So how can I check if my phone is really unlocked? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re: iPhone unlock not successful

There are two ways to check.


1) contact Apple Support via chat and ask what activation policy is currently on your phone and has that policy been in effect since the time you were told the phone had been unlocked.  The advantage with this approach is that the answer will be 100% correct and you will have a written transcript to support  it.  You may have to escalate to advanced support to get the answer.  While talking to support make sure all your questions are answered.  Apple support is very good but you need to ask the questions to which you want answers.  Be sure you are clear about the difference between domestic and international unlock before chatting.


You could also visit an Apple Store but you would need to visit the Genius Bar which normally requires an appointment.  The activation policy cannot be viewed directly on the phone which must be connected to an Apple test device in store.  The disadvantage here is it might take a while to get an appointment and you also would not have a transcript for future use.


2)  you can complete the steps indicated here for the case "if you do not have another Sim Card" and then see if you can borrow a sim from a friend or family member (IT MUST NOT BE A SPRINT SIM) and try it.


However, that would indicate a domestic sim unlock rather than an international sim unlock which is what you were attempting to use.


If you have access to a foreign sim that roams in the US you could also test for an international sim unlock.


If the phone is not unlocked follow up with Virgin Mobile.


Re: iPhone unlock not successful

Hi, there! @dasha! Really sorry to hear that. Definitely want to look into this for you. Are you on the Inner Circle plan? If so, please contact our team at 1-844-604-3422 for further assistance.