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Activate my new VirginMobile bought XR

Whiz Kid

Activate my new VirginMobile bought XR

I purchased an iPhone XR 2 weeks ago but am still having difficulty acivating it. It asks for IMEI but when # is entered the message reads:


We don’t recognize this device. Please contact customer support.


Calling the # requires a credit card that will buy you a one month calling card. When you return to the IMEI #, the final digit is not there. I enter the # again correctly but the same message appears. I try the VirginMobile support to help me but they only give an autoresponse. I have money in my account but I cannot make any phone calls because they deactivated my old phone and VM cannot call me.   ???????


Re: Activate my new VirginMobile bought XR

Interesting. How about we take a closer look at this? Can you please send me a private message with your IMEI, phone number and PIN number? 


To send a private message just click on the picture of any Boost Mobile agent and, in the next screen, click "send this user a private message".