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Activation Troubleshooting

Whiz Kid

Activation Troubleshooting

Okay, so I just swapped my iphone to a newer model and my phone stated that it was activated but when I try to make calls it says Feature invalid. This is really annoying and the first time this has happened to me as I have activated my families' phones before.


Re: Activation Troubleshooting

Hello there Jmpalacios. Let us help with that. Was your old device on when you did the swap? It happens at times that the provisioning during a handset swap did not complete if both phones are on. Please turn off both and just turn the new device. On your new iPhone follow these: go to Settings, General, Reset Network Settings. After it completes, go to your dial pad and enter ##25327# and press call. Let the phone finish resetting the subscriber settings. Let me know how that worked out.