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My iphone 7 recently said that it needs to be serviced for a battery replacement. I took it to the Apple store because it’s still covered under the warranty and they said it needs to be sent in and they can give me a loaner phone. I know my SIM wouldn't work in their loaner phone and I’m wondering how I can switch over to this loaner device for a week. I do not have the loaner phone so I don’t have the IMEI but I’m curious as what I should do when I return for the loaner phone? They offered me a new SIM card at the store but the Apple employee wasn’t sure if that would even work.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Apple Loaner

I understand your concern, Bryannakoryn. Apple just needs to make sure the loaner's device is compatible with Virgin Mobile. If you need assistance, you can contact customer care from the store to make sure the device's model is compatible.